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Now that DNA has proven that Dr. William Denune (Generation 1) was the son of Minister William Denune (Generation 0), we can go back 6 more generations to Duncan Campbell aka Denune (Generation -6), who fled punishment with his brother Donald to Easter Ross, 200+ miles north.

PDF icon The Baronage of Scotland Chart (74.28 KB)

If you can trace your descent from generation 1, Elizabeth Duvall & Dr. William Denune, then this chart applies to you.

PDF icon Elizabeth Duvall (7.71 KB)

Also, generation 1. These charts shows Dr. William Denune's Ross, Munro, Swinton, Dunbar, and Innes ancestors

PDF icon Early Earls and Chiefs of Ross to Dr. William Denune (682.13 KB)

PDF icon Munro Barons of Foulis (226.32 KB)

PDF icon Swinton of that Ilk, to Denune (1.26 MB)

PDF icon Dunbar to Denune (1.14 MB)

PDF icon Innes to Denune (517.68 KB)

Also, if you can trace your descent from generation 1, Elizabeth Duvall & Dr. William Denune, here is a distant cousin relationship chart to President Barack Obama. If you like studying distant cousin relationships, get Notable Kin, by Gary Boyd Roberts.

PDF icon President Barack Obama (6.9 KB)

If you can trace your descent from generation 2, Elizabeth Duvall Forrest & William Denune, Jr., then 1 additional chart will apply to you.

PDF icon Lucy Duvall (6.57 KB)

Plus two distant cousin Charts

PDF icon Dick Cheney (4.38 KB) PDF icon Harry Truman (5.02 KB)

If you can trace your descent from generation 3 , (Many Central Ohio Denune's are descended from this couple),
Sarah Burrell & John Duvall Denune, then 14 additional charts will apply to you. These lines include English Royal descent to King Henry II, and Colonial Governor of Maryland, Robert Brooke.

PDF icon Judge Peter Dent (7.94 KB) PDF icon Audrey Peto (6.35 KB) PDF icon Ann Philipson (6.34 KB) PDF icon Robert Offley (5.92 KB)PDF icon Ann Osborne (6.49 KB) PDF icon Richard Leveson (5.99 KB) PDF icon Richard Leveson the Elder (6.1 KB) PDF icon Mary Brooke (7.42 KB) PDF icon Robert Brooke (7.26 KB) PDF icon Sir Roger Forster (6.11 KB) PDF icon Elizabeth de Umfraville (6.26 KB) PDF icon Mary Baker (6.53 KB) PDF icon Richard Hatton (6.25 KB) PDF icon Benjamin Hall (7.31 KB)


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Dawn DeNoon, acclaimed TV producer and writer.

Dawn DeNoon, acclaimed TV producer and writer.

Dawn DeNoon is an acclaimed TV producer, writer, and story editor who has been involved with many episodes from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. DeNoon usually writes her stories together with Lisa Marie Petersen. In the Special Victims Unit episode "Noncompliance", a character was named after Dawn DeNoon. She was a defense attorney and played by actress Michelle Daimer.

We wish we could tie Dawn back to Dr. William Denune, the emigrant, and believe it's likely. When John Denune, the Revolutionary war vereran moved from Maryland to Ohio in the early 1800's, several of his older children stayed in Fairmont Virginia where he had a land grant from his service in the war, later becoming part of West Virginia. Dawn is from Moundsville, WV and it is unknown what branch of the family she is from, however we welcome information on her parents, grandparents, etc, and will endeavor to fit them into our greater family tree.


PDF icon Family Memories, by Marilyn Virginia (Brohard) Bender (5.35 MB)

Shared her with her permission, Aunt Marilyn's book is a lovely 36 page recollection of her youth on the family tobacco farm in Jackson County, Ohio.


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