Dr. William Alexander Denune & Elizabeth Duvall

Generation 1
Married November 24 1728

The records of St. Barnabas' Church, Queen Anne's Parish in Prince Georges County, inform us that "William Denune was married to Elizabeth Duvall, daughter of Maren at the 'Marsh' Duvall, by the Reverend Mr. Jacob Henderson, the 24th of November, 1728." On this register we find the names of the children born to Dr. William and Elizabeth Denune and in this church, pew number 12 was assigned to Dr. William Denune, Mr. William Fowler and Mr. Mark Brown.


Elizabeth Denune

1729 - Unknown

Alexander DeNune

1730 - Unknown

John DeNune

1733 - Unknown

Martha Denune

1736 - Unknown

Anne Denune

1737 - Unknown

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William Denune

1741 - 1777/8

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Catherine Denune

1743 - Unknown

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Elizabeth Denune

1745 - Unknown

Mary Denune

1752 - 1810

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