William Denune

Generation 2


14 January, 1741
Queen Anne’s Parish, Prince George's County, MD


Valley Forge, Chester PA


After the death of his father William, jr. inherited under English law the landed estate of his father and had to dispose of this property. So, immediately after his father's death, or on June 7, and December 7, 1763; he sold to Henry Hall one of his parental plantations. Elizabeth Denune waived dower before two Justices of the Peace. On October 12, 1765 he sold to Richard Butt, land adjoining his property, and on April 19, 1766 he mortgaged slaves to Ann Brown. For a number of years the members of the family were reduced to tenant farmers in Maryland, and the family seems to have disintegrated. It was not until the mid 19th century that some of the descendants retrieved their former position.

This William, jr fought in the French and Indian war and enlisted in the Continental Army as a resident of Prince Georges County. William was a revolutionary war minuteman who marched from Maryland to Boston for the Battle of Bunker Hill and probably died at Valley Forge, PA, in the Winter of 1777-8.