Alexander Bond Burrell Denune

Alexander Bond Burrell Denune
Generation 4


May 18, 1807


May 18, 1886
Mifflin Tounship, Franklin County, OH


Married December 1, 1831 Franklin County, OH. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, in Franklin County, OH. Third son of John and Sarah, as an infant he accompanied his parents to Ohio, and there matured into manhood. A. B. started out poor, but worked hard and became a prosperous farmer.

A. B. "Burley" Denune acquired early and by his own efforts a tract of over one thousand acres lying in and adjacent to Columbus, augmenting this with gold and other
possessions, he soon became a leading philanthropist and capitalist of his county. Burley Denune's brick mansion was well known for hospitality. The great parlors were invariably filled with guests from distant points who found in this midwestern home a hospitable welcome, aggreeable company and southern cooking, in extravagant plenty. With no slaves and a busy life for the adults, sometimes a heavy burden of responsibility fell on very young shoulders. On one occasion when unexpected guests arrived at the hour for dinner, a small brother and sister faced each other with a bit of panic in their hearts, suddenly the little girl left the kitchen, there followed a pounding of hoofs, a flash of running horses and a scurrying of guests. By the time the horses had been caught and their owners had returned, a dinner worthy of the house awaited them. Hon. John B. Denune recalls this incident with amusement.

During the Civil War, the Union troops kept their mules on his farm when they were passing through. The mules gave A. B.'s hogs hoof and mouth disease. People came from miles away to watch the hogs die.