Harry Case Denune

Generation 7


December 18, 1922


Lake City, FL


Harry, doing business as Dixie Distributing & Dixie International, was the owner of the largest wholesale motorcycly parts distributor in the USA. Many family members worked for him at one time.  Dad, John B Denune, was a travelinmg salesman for Dixie in the 1950's. His territory was the entire USA. During my college years, my sister (Margaret Ann Denune) and I assembled marker lights, and filled orders. My cousin, James Jeffers (son of Margaret Ellen Denune) worked for Harry longer than anyone else in our generation, before he changed career paths and became a top Honda auto salesman.

Harry was married to:

1) Betty Meyers

2) Margaret Ann "Skip" Wise, Harry & Skip were the parents of, Annesa Lauer Denune

3) Audrey Bullard