Reverend William Denune

Generation 0




January 4, 1704
Pencaitland, East Lothian, Scotland


Mr. William Denune died in 1704 at the age of 48 and was the Minister of the Pencaitland Parish Church from 1685-1704. He is burried inside the church, east nave. His Memorial Inscription, translated from Latin, says, "Here the victorious spirit of Mr. William Denune, who was for 19 years minister of the Parish, laid aside his earthly tabernacle. He was a true preacher of the gospel both by the sweetness of his manners, the persuasive eloquence of his tongue, and by the whole tone of his life. In the joyful and sorrowful changes in the church he calmly did his duty. He was helpful to his friends, instructed his own people by his example, and communicated to others the knowledge which he himself had acquired. And so he exchanged his natural cheerfulness of spirit for the highest joy about the beginning of February in the year of our Salvation 1704, in the 48th year of his age. His mourning widow (Isabel Hepburn) like-minded companion of his life, the beloved mother of his eight children, was buried with honour and tears among the ashes of her husband William, and her son William, of John and Helen who predeceased her."

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