Duncan Campbell, Governor of Dunoon Castle, aka Denune

Generation -6






The lands and Castle of Denune have been long the property of the family of Argyle, as before observed. They have a tradition handed down by their bards and sennachies, which is still believed, viz. That a younger son of the family of Argyle was appointed heretable governor and keeper of the Castle of Denune. Duncan Campbell, one of his posterity, having had some feuds with his neighbours, also vassals of Argyle, committed several depredations and drove their cattle into his cattle, &c. which the earl of Argyle highly resented, and had the governor, though his kinsman, tried, condemned, and ordered to be drowned in the water of Clyde, &c. However, Duncan had the good fortune to make his escape, and fled to the north country, where he settled, and his mother having been a daughter of the family of Denune, he assumed that for his sirname, which his posterity enjoyed ever after, but they retained the armorial bearing of the Campbells, their paternal ancestors.