Dr. William Alexander Denune

Generation 1




Prince George County, Maryland


2nd William, born 1695 of Minister William Denune, confirmed by DNA
1) https://www.denune.org/files/william-denune-b-1693pdf
2) https://www.denune.org/files/william-denune-b1695pdf

Dr. William Denune came to Maryland after 1721, shortly after he graduated from medical school in Paris, France. "Denune" is a Scottish name derrived from a place. Dr. William Denune came to America from Scotland, or perhaps from France after receiving his education. In 2019 DNA proved that Dr. William Denune's father was Mr. William Denune, Minister of Pencaitland Parish Church in East Lothian Scotland. Dr. William was an early American painter with a number of works attributed to him in the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. A painting illustrated on the home page, attributed to Denune, and done in a Southern Colonial style, was offered for sale in 1976 in Antiques Magazine. The subject could have been one of his daughters.

Like his father in law, Mareen Duval the younger, Dr. William was a slave owner, and these were their names; Sacose, Johnny Boy, Toby, Robin, Will, Tony, Peter, Mingo, Samson, Jacob, Simon, Betty, Jenny, Hester, Janu, Kate, Sary and Jemey.