Our Lineage, a simplified outline

Here is a map of the "Generations" page,  the Descendants of Dr. William Alexander Denune, the immigrant. This document with 800+ names, will be easier for many people to use, especially if they don't know where they fit in. 

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Reverend David Denoon

Reverend David Denoon

My Cousin, Reverend David Denoon has contributed more than anyone, to tracking down the descendants of Dr. William Denune, the immigrant


generation -7) Mr. Campbell & Mrs. (Denune) Campbell

generation -6) Duncan Campbell, Governer of Dunoon Castle in Argyle, assumed his mothers maiden name, Denune. He fled Argyle with his brother Donald to Ross Shire after being condemned to death by his kinsman Colin, (possibly the 1st Earl of Argyll, Sept. 10, 1433- May 10th, 1493) for driving the Duke's cattle into his

generation -5) Andrew Denune acquired his Uncle Donald the Abbot of Ferne, lands and Barony of Catbole in Ross-Shire in 1534

generation  -4) John Denune of Catbole married Catherine Ross, daughter of Walter Ross, 8th Laird of of Balnagown (slain at Tain in 1528), besides Andrew, below, John was the father of John, 3rd Baron of Catbole

generation -3) Andrew Denune, 4th Baron of Catbole, which he received September 1604

generation -2) John Denune, 5th Baron of Catbole

generation -1) Norman Denune Esq., married Catherine Munro, daughter of Sir Hector Munro, died 1635 

generation 0) Minister William Denune (1656-1704) married Isobel Hepburn 1667, they had 8 children, two named William, first William born 1693, died in infancy, second William born 1695, our Dr. William Denune, generation 1, below

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Generation One

Dr. William Alexander Denune, born 1699 in Scotland, graduated from medical school in Paris France in 1721, married Elizabeth Duvall, November 24, 1728, daughter of Mareen Duvall the younger and Elizabeth Jacob of Prince George County, Maryland. Besides their son William, listed in generation 2, Dr. William and Elizabeth were the parents of:

  • Elizabeth Denune, born Oct.18, 1729, died young
  • Alexander Denune born Jan 28, 1729/30
  • Jane Denune, born July 30, 1732 in Prince Georges Co., MD, married Vachel Howard
    • Cornelia V. Howard married Thomas Lansdale
    • Joseph Howard
    • Kindsey Howard
    • Nancy Howard, born in Ann Arundel Co., MD, married George Wade
      • Denune Wade
    • selby Howard
    • Denune Howard, born March 18, 1757, married Ann Anderson
      • William Howard
    • Mary Howard, born 1768
    • Cornelius Howard, born 1769
  • Martha Denune, born Dec.26, 1736
  • Anne Denune, born Dec.26, 1737, married Richard (or Caleb) Taylor, Jr.; Richard and Caleb were brothers, sons of Richard Taylor.
  • Susanna Denune, born June 18, 1739, married ____Hardisty
  • Catherine Denune, born May 8, 1743, married Caleb (or Richard) Taylor, Caleb and Richard were brothers, sons of Richard Taylor
    • Caleb Taylor, born April, 24 1775
  • Elizabeth Denune, born April 10, 1745
  • Jacob Denune, born Nov.24, 1746 in Prince Georges Co., MD, married Margaret Duvall, died after 1800
    • Hanson Denoon, born 1774, died about 1800, married Marthan, born about 1774
      • boy, born 1797
      • birl, born 1798
    • Jacob Denune, born about 1773, died about 1870
      • James C. Denoon, born 1838, married Susanna unknown
        • Nancy J. Denoon, born about 1862
        • James S. Denoon, born about 1866
        • Bertha A. Denoon, born about 1874
        • Charles F. Denoon, born about 1878
        • unnamed Denoon, born May 1880
        • Mag Denoon, born 1840
    • Benjamin Denune, born about 1780
    • Girl Denune
    • Girl 2 Denune
    • Girl 3 Denune
    • Girl 4 Denune, born 1784
  • Mary Denune, born March 3, 1752 (David A. Denoon says 1751/2), married John Inglehart

Generation Two William Denune, born January 14, 1741 (David A. Denoon says 1741/2), in Queen Anne’s Parish, Prince George County, MD, married Elizabeth Duvall Forrest (William’s cousin; the daughter of William Forrest and Lucy DuVall. Elizabeth was born in 1737) Feb. 23, 1762.in Ann Arundel Co., MD. Besides their son John, listed in generation 3, William and Elizabeth were the parents of:

  • Elizabeth Denune
  • James Denune, born about 1764 near Williamsport, MD, married Elizabeth Simmons in MD, died July 31, 1824 in Richland Co., OH
    • Elizabeth Denune
    • William Denune, born April 17, 1801, died October 27, 1857 in OH, married Sarah Fry
    • Emanuel Simmons Denoon, born October 5, 1811, in Washington Co., MD, died June 24, 1888 in Centerville, Shoal Creek Township, Appanoose Co., IA; married 1828 Julianna Fouts McGuire, died in Centerville.
  • William DuVall Denune, born May 24, 1764, served as pvt. in Capt. Jacob Duckett's Co., French war of 1799. Ref: Brumbaugh's Md. Records, Vol 1, p. 173., died after 1830.
  • Elias Denoon, born about 1766 in MD, married Henrietta Saunders February 5, 1797 in Montgomery Co., MD, died June 24, 1855 in Salesville, Warren Twp., Belmont Co., OH.Henrietta died December 31, 1816 in Washington Co., MD
    • Betty Denoon
    • Elias "Eli" Denoon, Jr., married Elizabeth Howard in VA
    • Emanuel Denoon, born 1805, married Rachel B. Malott
    • Jacob Denoon, born 1805, married Nancy Coulter
    • Samuel Denoon

Generation Three John Duvall Denune, born 1767 in Prince Georges Co., MD (David A. Denoon says April 1766 near the Potomac River, probably MD), married January 17, 1798, to Sarah Burrell in Prince Georges Co., MD, died November 28, 1838 in Franklin Co., OH.. Some records of his birth state 1765, but it is believed that he said he was older in order to enlist in the army in 1780. Besides their son Alexander, listed in generation 4, John and Sarah were the parents of:

  • William Forrest Denune, born January 9, 1799 in Prince Georges County, MD, died July 30, 1875 in Franklin Co., OH, married Mary Ann Baker, born August 13, 1813, married May 5, 1836 in Franklin Co., OH, died November 25, 1869
  • John Duvall Denune, Jr., born November 27, 1801 in Prince Georges County, MD, died 1834, married Nancy Smith, January 13, 1824/5 in Ohio by George Jeffries
  • Catherine Dent Denune, born January 18, 1803 in Prince Georges County, MD, died August 14, 1841 in OH, married John Kissinger, December 1, 1825 in Ohio by C. Hinkel.
  • Elizabeth "Eliza" (Denune) Williams, born 1805 in Prince Georges County, MD, married first Richard Ballinger, October 10, 1842 in Ohio. She married her sister Sarah's widower, Richard Ballinger.
  • Mary Anne Brown Denune, born in 1809 in Prince Georges County, MD, married William Hughes in 1835
  • Lucinda "Lucy" Denune Washington, born 1811, married Lewis Agler, October 24, 1833
  • Sarah Ann Denune, born 1813, married Richard Ballinger, December 12, 1831
  • Elenora Denune
  • Samantha Denune
  • Susanna Hardesty Denune, married George Stotts, December 3, 1841
  • Jane Perry Denoon, born 1815 Franklin County, Ohio, married Joseph Ballinger, February 5, 1835
  • Nancy Denune Brown, born July 28, 1817 Franklin County, Ohio, died July 19, 1895 McDonough County, IL, buried at Pinnington Point Cemetery, McDonough County, IL, married Hiram Loy, Oct 11, 1840 Franklin County, Ohio
  • Barbara Denune Cooke, born 1818 Franklin County, Ohio, died 1849, married Frederick Agler, June 22, 1840, married by David Beers JP
  • Willa Ann Denune Harrison, born 1818 Franklin County, Ohio, married Levi Tippey, November 10, 1840/42
  • Caroline Denune Elizabeth, born Franklin County, Ohio, married Larkin W. Selby, January 30, 1853

Generation Four Alexander Bond Burrell Denune, born 5-18-1807 Prince George County, MD., died May 18, 1886 in Franklin Co., OH, and is buried in Riverside Cemetery, in Franklin County, OH.; who married December 1, 1831 Mary Ann "Polly" Agler, dau of early Franklin Co resident Frederick Agler, whose home, built in 1824 at 2621 Sunbury Rd, in Mifflin Twp, was added to the registry of historic homes about 1980. Mary Ann "Polly" Agler was Born 1814, died 1882. Besides their son John, listed in generation 5, they were the parents of:

  • Susan E. Denune, born Aug.16, 1833, died Oct.29, 1924, married June 26, 1853 to David Temple
  • Sarah Melissa Denune, born March 4, 1936, died May 20, 1909, married July 6, 1855 to Swan Rankin
  • Margaret Ann Denune, born 1838, married George A. Decker, born 1836
  • Cyrus Perry Denune, born Feb.4, 1942, died Jan.30, 1921, married April 11, 1867 to Mariah Vernoy
  • Pauline Amanda Denune, born Dec.9, 1845, married 1864 to John Kiner, born 1841, died 1900
  • Elias Alexander Denune, born Oct.22, 1850, died July 3, 1921, married Sept.1, 1880, to Sarah Miles
  • Hulda W. Denune, born 1857, died , married John Perdue Horn (nephew of John Perdue, who endowed Perdue University)

Generation Five John Baughman Denune, born 1-3-1855, died 4-1939 in Franklin County, Ohio, who married October 3, 1878 Fannie Fern Ferris born 10-6-1859, died 9-8-1936. Besides their son Linn Lafayette "Jack", listed in generation 6, John and Fannie were the parents of

  • Clarence Denune, born 18 May 1880, died 18 May 1880.
  • Ethel Denune, born 31 May 1881, married Norville Finley Young 31 May 1902 and had Hoylande Darrell Young, born 26 June 1903. Hoylande received her Phd. in chemistry at the age of 21 and was the librarian of information on the Manhattan Project, which developed the nuclear weapon that ended WWII. Ethel and Norville were also the parents of Hilda Pearl Young, born 20 March 1905. Her role in the Manhattan Project is discussed in, Their Day in the Sun, Women of the Manhattan Project, by Ruth H. Howes and Caroline L. Herzenberg. In 1946 Hoylande became Argonne Labratory's first female Division Director.
  • Lois Denune, born 8 Feb. 1884, died 2 June 1901.
  • Ina Fern Denune, born 6 January 1886, an educator who died without issue.
  • Roy Rutherford Denune, born 26 August 1887, married Ethel Brobst. Roy worked for 55 years for the US Post Office, "a national record"
  • Elias Earl Denune, born 24 Feb. 1889, married Ethel May Selby, daughter of Alfred Watson Selby and Clara Benham, born 5 August 1889 in Covington, KY. Elias and Ethel had issue.
  • Perry Perdue Denune, born 13 April 1891, married 31 July 1912 Mabel Freta Holdcroft. They had issue.
  • Sarah Adelaide Denune, born 23 May 1893, married Feb. 14, 1912 to Ralph Sherman Strang, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Strang. They had issue.
  • Chester Case Denune, born 4 September 1894, died 4 May 1895.
  • Clara Marguerite Denune, born 13 May 1896, issue.
  • Catheline Denune, born 16 April 1897, died 24 April 1897.
  • Blenn Bancroft Denune, born 16 July 1898, issue

Generation Six Linn Lafayette "Jack" Denune, born October 16, 1899, died January 15th, 1988, married November 18, 1921 Barbara E. Thomson, born June 1, 1902, died January 16th, 1990. They are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Granville, Ohio. Besides their son John, listed in generation 7, they were the parents of

  • Harry Case Denune, born Dec.18, 1922, died 2013
  • Margaret Ellen Denune, born Nov.20, 1932, issue

Generation Seven John B Denune, born October 27, 1926, married June 25, 1955 to Georgia Ann Brohard. Besides their son John, listed in generation 8, they were the parents of

  • Margaret Ann Denune, born November 19, 1956

 Generation Eight, John Baughman Denune, born December 2, 1958, married July 27, 1985 to Ollie Patricia Evans. Besides their son, James, listed in generation 9, they were the parents of

  • Hilary Brooke Denune, born March 10, 1988

 Generation Nine, James Alexander Denune, born August 12, 1991. James is the father of 

  • Alice Suzanne Denune, whose mother is Rachelle Ward
  • Liberty Nora Grey Heimerl, whose mother is Hannah Heimerl